Alcohol Handling

ATTENTION: Due to recent updates to the Japan Post terms, we can no longer ship bottles with an alcohol content of higher than 24%. We can also no longer ship to countries where import is restricted, such as USA and Canada, regardless of the alcohol content.

Blackship is able to ship alcohol from Japan if the alcohol content is below 24%. However, due to restrictions in various countries, we cannot be held responsible for alcohol shipments which are confiscated by customs or returned to us. We would recommend speaking with your local customs authority regarding restrictions on alcoholic beverages.

If you choose to forward alcohol to us, please note the following.

1. In addition to our normal service fees we charge an additional handling fee for alcohol. This charge is $5 for the first bottle and $3 for each bottle that arrives with us together in one package.  

2. We can Parafilm your bottles as an optional service for $2 per bottle. Request this service by emailing [email protected] after your package arrives and before you proceed through shipping checkout.

3. We recommend shipping all alcohol by EMS (Express Mail Service).

4. Postal insurance will not cover breakages for alcoholic beverages. If we believe the packing is insufficient when your package arrives with us we will flag your item as recommended for repacking.

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